(NOTE: The forms in this series of books are not numerous owing to the belief of the author that they serve no useful purpose, and may in fact be misleading, as it is very clear that there is no way to meet the requirements as to all jurisdictions; forms suited to local needs may always be obtained from local stationers insofar as it is desirable for the layman to attempt the use of such forms. The forms in this series are for illustrative purposes, or else are forms in such general use and are so fundamental and fixed in nature that the layman may follow them without danger - as he is in fact using them daily.)

1. Promissory Note.

(See form set out on page 23 herein.)

2. Bill of Exchange.

(See form set out on page 25 herein.)

3. Check.

(See form set out on page 26 herein.)

4. Certificate of Bank Deposit.

(See form set out on page 27 herein.)

5. Trade Acceptance.

(See form set out on page 29 herein.)

6. Forms of Indorsement.

(1) Blank indorsement.

William Jones

(2) Special indorsement.

Pay to the order of John Smith. WILLIAM JONES.

or, Pay to John Smith.

William Jones

(3) Qualified indorsement.

without recourse, WILLIAM JONES.

(4) Restrictive indorsement.

Pay to John Smith, for collection. WILLIAM JONES.

7. Notice of Dishonor of Note Where Note Not Protested.

July 1, 1921. You are hereby notified that a promissory note made by John Smith, dated June 1, 1921, payable one month after date to the order of William H. White, and indorsed by said William H. White, was this day presented by the undersigned for payment which was refused and the undersigned as holder looks to you as indorser for payment, damages, interest and costs.


1820 Blank Street, Chicago, Illinois.

To William H. White, 190 Blank Street, Chicago, Illinois.

8. Certificate Of Protest.

(Here attach original instrument or copy thereof.)

Appendix B Forms 20013

Be it Known, That on this first day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty-One, I, Henry N. Green, a Notary Public, duly commissioned and sworn, and residing in the City of Chicago in said County and State, at the request of Henry W. Jones, the holder of the above bill of exchange, went with the original bill of exchange which is above attached, to the Office of The First National Bank, where such bill is payable, during the usual business hours and demanded payment thereon, which was refused for the following assigned reason - not sufficient funds and no instructions to pay.

Whereupon I, the said Notary, at the request aforesaid, did PROTEST, and, by these Presents, do SOLEMNLY PROTEST, as well against the drawer of said bill and the indorsers thereof, as all others whom it may or doth concern, for exchange, re-exchange and all costs, charges, damages and interest already incurred by reason of the non-payment of the said bill of exchange.

And I, the said Notary, do hereby certify, that, on the same day and year above written, due notice of the foregoing Protest was put in the Post-Office at Chicago, Illinois, as follows:

Notice for Walter W. Johnson, 12 Blank Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Notice for William H. White, Blankville, Illinois.

Each of the above-named places being the reputed place of residence of the person to whom this notice was directed.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Official Seal, the day and year first above written.

Notary Public.

FEES - Noting for Protest,.. .25 cents; Protest,.. .75 cents; Noting Protest,.. .25 cents; Notices,.. .50.

Certificate and Seal,........25 cents; Postage,... 4 cents;

Vol. 1; page 272; $2.04.

(NOTE: If the protest is for non-acceptance this same form may be used by writing in "non-acceptance" for "nonpayment.")

9. Notice Of Protest Of Note.

Appendix B Forms 20014

July 1st, 1921. A promissory note for $100.00 payable to the order of William Jones, dated July 1st, 1920, payable July 1st, 1921, signed by John Smith, indorsed by William Jones, being this day due and unpaid, and by me PROTESTED for non-payment, I hereby notify you that the payment thereof has been duly demanded, and that the holder looks to you for payment, damages, interest and costs.

Done at the request of Henry W. Jones, 1711 Blank Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Henry N. Green,

Notary Public. To William Jones, 1512 Blank Street, Chicago, Illinois.

(NOTE: It is not necessary to protest a note or inland bill, but a foreign bill must be protested.)

10. Notice Of Protest Of Bill.

Appendix B Forms 20015

Chicago, July 1, 1921.

Take notice that a bill of exchange for $100.00, dated June 1, 1921, drawn by Walter W. Johnson, 12 Blank Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, in favor of William H. White, on Oliver Smith, Chicago, Illinois, indorsed by said William H. White, accepted by said Oliver Smith, payable at 16th National Bank, Chicago, was this day presented for payment, which was refused, and therefore was this day protested by the undersigned notary public for non-payment.

The holder therefore looks to you for payment thereof together with interest, costs, damages, etc., you being the drawer thereof.

Henry N. Green,

Notary Public. To Walter W. Johnson, 12 Blank Street,

Cincinnati, Ohio.