Chapter 1

1. What are the two great branches of political law? What is municipal law?

2. What is international law? What two forms does it take?

3. What are the branches of municipal law, as herein enumerated ?

Chapter 2

4. Define constitutional law; what is a constitutional government?

5. What is meant by the phrase "unconstitutional law"?

6. What were the Articles of Confederation?

7. When was the United States Constitution adopted? Give date and purpose of the various amendments.

8. What was decided in McCulloch v. Maryland?

9. What is the function of a state constitution?

10. Define administrative law.

11. A carelessly throws a brick from a high building into a public street below. It lights near B, who is thereby frightened. Has A committed a crime? Has he committed a tort?

12. Define a crime. Name some crimes.

13. Define a tort. Is an act which is a tort necessarily a crime? Name some torts.

14. What is "adjective" law?

Chapter 3

15. What is written law?

16. Define a code.

17. What are the "Uniform laws"? Name some of them.

18. Define the common law.

19. What are the judicial reports?

20. State the rule of "stare decisis," and show the part it plays in the development of our law.

Chapter 4

21. What are courts?

22. State the distinction between courts of "law" and courts of "equity."

23. State the function of a court of review.

24. What is "service"; an "appearance"; a "declaration"; a "plea" ; a "bill of complaint" ?

25. In a trial of a cause, who tries the facts? the law? Is this the rule in chancery courts?

Chapter 5

26. What are the chief boards or commissions of the federal government?

27. What is the purpose of the Interstate Commerce Commission?

28. Describe the Federal Trade Commission.

29. What are employers' liability commissions?