Sec. 208. Payment Of Legacies

Legacies are payable as provided for in the will if the estate is sufficient to pay same.

Legacies are specific, as a watch, a horse, or a chair; general, as a sum of money. The general legacies must give way in favor of specific legacies if necessary.

Sec. 209. Settlement And Distribution

After the estate has been in probate the length of time provided by the law, the estate must be settled and distributed, and the executor or administrator discharged, from further duty.

We have already indicated the manner of distribution and settlement. The executor or administrator must do this according to the law of the state in which the probate is had and is then entitled to be discharged. Where the estate is solvent he need not wait the full period to distribute gifts and advance portions but he does this at his own risk unless an order of the court is secured.