Factors and Brokers are both and equally agents; but with this difference: the Factor is intrusted with the property which is the subject-matter of the agency; the Broker is only employed to make a bargain in relation to it. The compensation to both is usually a commission; and when the agent guarantees the payment of the price for which he has sold the goods of his principal, then the commission is larger, as it includes a compensation for this risk. In this case he is said in the books to act under a del credere commission. But this phrase is seldom used in this country, nor indeed is the word " factor " often employed by mercantile men. The business of factors is usually done by commission merchants, who are generally called by that name, and who do or do not charge a guaranty commission as may be agreed upon by the parties. But the charge of a guaranty commission gives the factor no increased authority over the property. (a)