The usual phrase is "against all captures at sea, or arrests, restraints or detentions of all kings, princes, and people." (k) l The word "illegal" or "unlawful" is sometimes inserted before captures. "Capture" is distinguished from "arrest" or "detention;" capture being a seizure with intent to keep, (l) while arrest or detention is a taking with intent to return what is * taken, (m) as by an embargo, (n) or blockade, (o) or a stopping for search. (p) 2 "People" means the supreme power of a country, whatever that may be. (q)

If the legality of the seizure determines the liability of the insurers, this legality must be determined by the government of the country to which the vessel belongs, because it may recognize or not recognize the right of the seizing power to make the seizure. (r)