If the contract is divisible in its nature and part only is ultra vires, the valid part of the contract is enforceable.1 Thus a contract with a water company is enforceable as to payment for water and hydrant rentals, though ultra vires as granting an exclusive privilege.2 So where a city has reached its limit of indebtedness, a contract for the construction of a street, the city to pay the cost of paving intersections and to assess the cost of the rest of the street on the abutting property is invalid as to the former clause, but valid as to the latter.3 If the contract is indivisible and part of it is ultra vires, no part of it can be enforced.4 Thus an indivisible contract for settling a valid judgment and purchasing a water and light plant is unenforceable as to the first provision if the latter is ultra vires.5 The contract cannot be so modified by the courts as to make it valid if it is indivisible. A contract for fire-alarm telegraph system which was void as in excess of the limit of indebtedness cannot be changed so as to give the contractor a franchise to maintain it, where part of the apparatus was furnished by the city.6

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