The legislature may fix rates for transportation by rail,1 or for grain elevators,2 if reasonable. A commission fixing railroad rates must, however, give a hearing to such railroad company before fixing such rates.3 If such rates are unreasonable, as where they are less than the cost of such service,4 such statutes are, in effect, a taking of private property without due process of law, and are invalid. A statute which makes a common carrier5 or a telegraph company6 liable facts, own negligence or that of its employes in spite of its contract to the contrary, is valid. A statute which makes the initial carrier liable for the negligence of connecting carriers in spite of its contract to the contrary is invalid.7 A statute providing that in case of loss a common carrier shall be liable for the amount of damages which it causes, less insurance, and that the insurance company shall have no right of subrogation is valid.8 A statute which requires a common carrier to turn over to a storage company or to a public warehouse all property not called for, for twenty days, is unconstitutional.9 A statute that makes a bill of lading conclusive evidence of the amount of grain shipped is unconstitutional.10

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