The Civil Law rule requires the law to apply payments foi the benefit of the debtor in accordance with his presumed intention.1 Where this rule is followed, the law applies a payment to the debt which is most burdensome to the debtor.2 Thus payment will be applied to a secured debt,3 as one secured by mortgage,4 or chattel mortgage.5 So payment will be applied to a debt which bears interest in preference to one which does not,6 and to one bearing a higher rate of interest in preference to one bearing a lower rate.7 If a trustee who is individually indebted to a beneficiary makes payments to him in excess of the income arising from the trust-fund, it will be presumed that the excess is to be applied to the individual debts.8 Even where payments ure to be applied in the manner most beneficial to the debtor payments must be applied to interest first.9

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