Sec. 2066. Nature of liability of two or more promisors.

Sec. 2067. Intention controls - Words importing joint liability.

Sec. 2068. Words importing several liability.

Sec. 2060. Words importing joint and several liability.

Sec. 2070. Liability of sole promisor.

Sec. 2071. Effect of joint liability - -Parties to actions.

Sec. 2072. Death of joint promisor.

Sec. 2073. Judgment against one joint promisor.

Sec. 2074. Release of joint promisor.

Sec. 2075. Effect of several contract.

Sec. 2076. Effect of joint and several contract.

Sec. 2077. Words importing joint or several rights.

Sec. 2078. Joint and several rights.

Sec. 2070. Effect of joint interest - Promisees must join in action.

Sec. 2080. Death of joint promisee.

Sec. 2081. Release by joint promisee.

Sec. 2082. Effect of several interests.