The Contractor shall, as soon as practicable after the signature of the contract, notify the Architect in writing of the names of subcontractors proposed for the principal parts of the work and for such others as the Architect may direct and shall not employ any that the Architect may within a reasonable time object to as incompetent or unfit.

If the Contractor has submitted before signing the contract a list of subcontractors and the change of any name on such list is required or permitted after signature of agreement, the contract price shall be increased or diminished by the difference between the two bids.

The Architect shall, on request, furnish to any subcontractor, wherever practicable, evidence of the amounts certified to on his account.

The Contractor agrees that he is as fully responsible to the Owner for the acts and omissions of his subcontractors and of persons either directly or indirectly employed by them, as he is for the acts and omissions of persons directly employed by him.

Nothing contained in the contract documents shall create any contractual relation between any subcontractor and the Owner.