Anew edition of this treatise having been called for, the author has taken occasion thoroughly to revise the text and substantially to enlarge it. Many additions have been made to it throughout, but particularly to the chapters on Sales, Bailments, and Defences; - one new chapter has been introduced on the Relation of Master and Servant;- and all the late cases bearing upon the general subjects have been examined and cited.

In these additions, which have enlarged the work by about three hundred pages, the author has striven to avoid mere amplification. The subject of Contracts is so large (being, as it were, one wing of the law, the other of which is tort}, that it is difficult to determine the proper limits of a treatise like the present. Any line of limitation must, of necessity, be arbitrary. But it is hoped that the present edition will be found to be materially increased in usefulness, and more worthy of the favor bestowed upon the work by the profession.


Cambridge, May 16, 1851.