§ 881. This contract, which in the Roman law is called Locatio or Locatio-Conductio, is a contract by which compensation is given for the temporary use of a thing, or for the labor of a person.1 Contracts of. hiring and letting are of two kinds: 1. Locatio rei, or the letting and hiring of a thing; 2. Locatio operis, or the hire of labor and services. This last class is subdivided into Locatio operis faeiendi, or the hire of work and labor to be done, or care and attention to be bestowed on goods bailed; and Locatio operis mercium vehenda-rum, or the hire of the carriage of goods.

§ 882. No bailment for hire can be made for a purpose prohibited by law, or in violation of public policy. Thus, the bailor cannot recover on a bailment of furniture for a brothel; or for a bailment of goods to an enemy, or for the purpose of smuggling.2