1 By these statutes a positive bar is interposed to a recovery upon specialities after twenty years. Before their passage, there was only the common law presumption of payment or performance, which was liable to be rebutted by testimony, and in this country it is believed that statutes similar to that of 3 & 4 Will. IV., have not been generally enacted.-R.

Tracts into those of Record, by Deed, and by Simple Contract, and explained the nature of a deed, and the formalities attending its execution-having pointed out the distinction between the absolute delivery of a deed and the conditional one of an escrow, the distinction between a deed poll and indenture, the peculiar privileges of a contract by deed, whether in respect of the consideration, the estoppel it creates, or the means by which its obligation is determined-having pointed out the occasions on which, for the most part, a deed is necessary, the remedy by which its non-performance is complained of in a Court of law, and the time of limitation within which that remedy is to be pursued, it remains to point out, in a similar manner, the peculiarities attending Simple Contracts. This will be done in the next Lecture.