Sec. 45. In general.

Sec. 46. (I) Misreliance on contract: Gifts and gratuitous services distinguished.

Sec. 47. Same: Peculiar doctrine of a few cases.

Sec. 48. Same : Disappointed expectations.

Sec. 49. Same : Incidental benefits.

Sec. 50. Same : Burden of proof.

Sec. 51. Same : Effect of family relationship upon burden of proof.

Sec. 52. (II) Sundry instances of the obligation, classified according to nature of defect in contract: (A) Acceptance of offer wanting: (1) Because of ambiguity.

Sec. 53. (2) Because of offeree's ignorance of offer.

Sec. 54. (3) Because of mistake as to identity of offerer.

Sec. 55. (4) Circumstances justifying retention of benefit.

Sec. 56. (a) When defendant knows that compensation is expected Boston Ice Co. v. Potter.

Sec. 57. (b) When defendant believes that compensation is not expected.

Sec. 58. (c) Concord Coal Co. v. Ferrin, and Boulton v. Jones.

Sec. 59. (B) Assumed fact non-existent.

Sec. 60. (1) Sale or lease of non-existent property.

Sec. 61. (2) Insurance of non-existent risk.

Sec. 62. (3) Assignment of void patent.

Sec. 63. (4) Sale of non-existent or defective title.

Sec. 64. (C) Promise indefinite.

Sec. 65. Same : Engagements of honor distinguished.

Sec. 66. (D) Required form wanting.

Sec. 67. (E) Contractual capacity wanting.

Sec. 68. (1) Married women.

Sec. 69. (2) Infants.

Sec. 70. (3) Lunatics, drunkards, and spendthrifts.

Sec. 71. (4) Corporations.

Sec. 72. (F) Authority of agent wanting.

Sec. 73. Same : Instrument under seal.

Sec. 74. Same: Agent's abortive execution of instrument under seal.

Sec. 75. Same: Receipt of benefit by principal.

Sec. 76. Same: Misuse of money by agent.

Sec. 77. Same : Receipt of benefit by agent.

Sec. 78. Same: Enforcement of restitution against public policy Benefit conferred upon municipal corporations.

Sec. 79. Same : Form of action against principal.