Sec. 211. In general.

Sec. 212. (I) What constitutes duress.

Sec. 213. (II) Sundry instances of obligation, classified according to means of compulsion employed : Sec. 214. (1) Violence or imprisonment: Duress of person. Sec. 215. (2) Threat of legal proceedings. Sec. 216. (3) Seizure or detention of personal property. Sec. 217. (4) Assertion of fictitious lien on real property or refusal to discharge valid hen. Sec. 218. (5) Injury to business. Sec. 219. (6) Oppressive refusal to discharge a duty:

(a) Illegal fees of public officers. Sec. 220. (b) Illegal charges of public service corporations.

Sec. 221. Same : Necessity of protest.

Sec. 222. (7) Oppressive refusal to loan money at legal rate of interest. Sec. 223. Same: Right to recover usury : Upon principle.

Sec. 224. Same: Right to recover from assignee of usurer.

Sec. 225. Same: Right to recover before principal and legal interest are paid. Sec. 226. Same: Right of debtor to have usurious interest applied in diminution of principal. Sec. 227. Same: Recovery of usurious interest under National Bank Act.