In our State Legislature, rules for the government of each body are adopted at the commencement of the session. On the day of meeting it is usual to adopt the old rules, for the present, and then to appoint a committee to prepare rules, which committee generally reports in three or four days.

The same course may be pursued, with great propriety, in Executive Boards, or Boards of Managers, chosen annually by the members of a Society, by contributors or subscribers. Or, if the old by-laws are entirely satisfactory, they may be adopted by a vote and the appointment of a committee dis-pensed with. When the by-laws or rules are before the meeting for its action, a majority is sufficient to make an alteration or - amendment, but when they have been formally adopted, and are in operation, it usually requires a vote of two-thirds to effect a change or procure a suspension.

The joint rules of our State Senate and House of Representatives are adopted by a majority vote, but they cannot be altered or suspended without a vote of two-thirds.

Societies may or may not renew their bylaws at each annual meeting. The general custom in regular bodies, is, however, to continue them in force without a formal vote.

Provision for altering or amending the constitution and by-laws, and for the temporary suspension of a by-law, should be incorporated in the rules of all Societies, Boards of Managers, etc.