TO THE vast majority of men success means but one thing - Riches. In this book we shall show you how the principles and methods set forth in this Course may be applied to the accumulation of wealth. And when we say "wealth" we mean wealth in a literal sense, as signifying the material things you want to have.

We make but one demand of you, and that is a previous careful study and assimilation of the books that have gone before.

Let us sum up the substance of our teachings to this point with special reference to the acquisition of material things:

1. You must first intelligently formulate in your own mind the one thing you most desire.

2. You must form a distinct and definite mental picture of the thing you want, a picture expressive of purpose, faith and thankfulness in its prophecy of actualization.

3. You must persistently practice Self-Analysis, Study for Knowledge, Mental Demand, Visualization and Affirmation.

4. By these concentrative methods you will summon, control and direct all your mental energies upon the one desire.

5. By these concentrative methods all your outward activities will be unconsciously focused upon the creation of the one object of desire.

6. By these concentrative methods you will develop Psychic Power and Initiative, you will saturate your consciousness with a purposive faith in your success, and unexpected resources of energy will well forth from the subconscious reservoir to compass the thing you want.

If you have thoroughly mastered the Course to this point, you will have accepted these statements of basic principles. You will know their absolute truth. You will have the unquestioning faith of one whose mind and reason have been convinced.

And you will at once joyously and confidently act upon our teachings, and in so doing you will yourself exemplify their truth.

For the principles we expound are thoroughly scientific. They are as reliable as the laws of physics or geometry.

And it is a mathematical certainty that success will come to every man that follows our directions confidently, intelligently and persistently.