For the efficient consciousness, as we have frequently pointed out, is not composed of mere ideas. It is composed of beliefs in ideas and ideas that are believed in. And your mental picture must be conceived in unwavering Faith.

The ailments in which mental concentration is most conspicuously successful are those marked by pain, sleeplessness, nausea, derangements of the digestive and eliminating processes, extreme nervous irritability, melancholy, spasms, evil habits and moral obliquities. Among these are the following specific diseases which we cite as peculiarly susceptible to treatment by mental control:

Insomnia, hysteria, habit pains and tremors, hysterical muscle contractions, profuse sweating, appetites for unnatural foods (such as clay gluttony), lack of appetite, liquor and drug habits, delusions, obsessions, morbid fears, sexual perversions and weaknesses, kleptomania, seasickness, constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia, headache, biliousness and goitre.

The following illustrations are actually reported cases of cures effected wholly by mental treatment.

These cases are reported by men eminent in the medical profession, most of whom occupy chairs in leading universities.

We can give but a few of these cases, and those briefly, in order to keep this volume within reasonable limits.


The sufferer in this case was a man forty-five years of age, who had been operated on twice for trifacial neuralgia. Each operation had been followed by a year of comparative freedom from pain, after which the pain returned. The only remedy that medicine or surgery could offer was the removal of the ganglion. His condition when he began mental treatment was such that when he tried to speak the muscles of one side of his face would contract in a violent spasm attended by extreme pain. He could eat only liquid food because of the pain involved in the movement of his jaws in chewing, and he was condemned to almost constant silence by the pain of speech. From the first day of his employment of mental methods of treatment he was relieved. He had no pain after the fourth day. And on the tenth day he found himself entirely cured.


A business disaster, long continued overwork, and incessant anxiety had so preyed on a man thirty-seven years old that for months he had been unable to sleep more than three or four hours out of the twenty-four. He read most of the night to keep his mind off his troubles. He had no appetite. He felt and looked like a sick man. He was pale, haggard and worn. His was a difficult case, because the business cares that had been the exciting cause of his insomnia were still weighing upon him. On the very first night that he began mental treatment he slept from ten o'clock at night until seven in the morning. The following night was a restless one. But after ten days of the practice of concentrative methods he had no further trouble.


Mr.------was a self-centered, sour-visaged and irritable old man who suffered continually from pain in the rectum. For more than twenty years he had taken an enema every day. He had been afraid to go without one for a single day. He consented to try mental concentration. He was cured from the first day, and though many years have elapsed he has never again been troubled with constipation.

Gastro-Intestinal Dyspepsia

A lawyer, thirty-six years old, had so suffered from this disease that he had lost seventy-five pounds in weight, was a mere framework of a man and weak as an infant. His breath was foul and his tongue coated. Even a very small quantity of milk caused severe gastric troubles. His case had resisted all the medications of an expert and prudent physician, who had employed every possible weapon of materia medica to combat the disease. In five weeks under mental treatment he gained thirty-five pounds.

Tachycardia (Palpitation Of The Heart)

A young woman, twenty-six years of age, a trifle thin, but apparently in good general health, was subject to nightly seizures of palpitation of the heart accompanied by trembling and a terrifying feeling that she was about to die. Her husband was greatly alarmed about her and called two physicians into consultation. Despite their efforts the attacks became more frequent and the patient was in momentary expectation of death. After one month of mental treatment her cure was complete.

Functional Paralysis

An emotional woman became subject to palpitation of the heart. She lost all appetite for food, was troubled with insomnia, and gradually lost the use of her lower limbs. When she commenced mental measures of treatment she was a confirmed invalid. She was cured in a few days.

It is unnecessary to cite further illustrations of this kind.

Faith in your own self-mastery is the kernel of truth. Faith is the vitalizing element in all mental measures for the Cure of disease.

And Faith, to be efficient, must be directed toward a specific ideal.

And Faith is Concentration - concentration of consciousness upon a possessing thought.

Such concentration must necessarily evolve its emotional element, Desire.

And Desire evolved through Concentration, backed by Faith, and intelligently directed, can never fail to preserve or to restore Functional Health.