IN THIS chapter are given eight regimes for scientific fortune-building, each regime being correspondingly designated by one of the first eight letters of the alphabet. A. Banish all doubts and fears. You have the inherent power to think what you want to think.

And, having that power, you can create what you want to create. You can do and be and acquire what you choose to do and be and have.

Fix these principles in your mind.

Let no contrary ideas intrude upon your consciousness.

Listen to no arguments that would tend to unsettle your faith.

Do nothing, say nothing, hear nothing, read nothing, think nothing that is not in harmony with these ideas.

For these ideas are Truth, absolute and immutable, and it follows that all else is Falsehood or Error.

And having accomplished this much you will have taken your first deliberate and scientific step towards riches.

B. Next determine in your own mind the one definite thing that you want first.

You cannot create anything until you first make up your mind as to just what it is to be.

A mere general wish for wealth will never do. Every man, with one motive or another, has that general desire.

Nor will it do for you to have a mere indefinite longing for the things that money will buy. The child that asks his father for a gift does not couch his request in general terms. He wants one thing, and he asks for it and begs for it and longs for it, and, as a rule, he gets it.

So when you call upon your own segment of the Infinite Mind, the Father of all Good, he sure that you know what you want - what one thing most and first of all.

C. Having settled upon the thing you want, get it clearly in your mind.

Visualize it. Form a definite and life-like mental picture of it.

The only way to obtain what you want deliberately and scientifically is to concentrate your mind upon it. You must keep its image before your mind as the batsman keeps his eye upon the ball. Let not your attention waver.

The more you hold the picture before your mental vision the more keenly will you covet it. And the more you covet it the more persistently will consciousness cling to its vision.

And so will realization come about. For every man you meet, every word you hear, every statement you read, every thing you see, every thought you have, every past, present and future experience of your life, will be tried in the same light, will be put to the same test - the test of adaptability and utility for the attainment of the thing desired. Those that fit into your mental picture will be retained and utilized and will form the springs of action. Those that do not meet this test will be shunted aside into subconscious obscurity.

This selective process will not be a conscious one. You will know nothing of it. Your thought must be and will be engrossed in your vision.

For know that the more clear and definite you make that vision the more certainly will it be realized.

D. Nor is this all. Your vision must be conceived in unwavering Faith.

Therefore, picture to yourself the thing as here. See it as a present reality. See yourself in the picture with it, having it, using it, enjoying it.

Let us suppose that you desire the distributing agency for some article of manufacture. See yourself closing the contract, renting your offices, organizing your selling forces, planning your advertising campaign, doing the thousand and one things necessary to make a business prosper, and then see yourself reveling in a sheaf of orders and laying aside a satisfactory balance at the end of the year.

If it be a better situation, with an increase in salary, see yourself doing all the things necessary to make you the man for the place. See yourself applying for it, hear what you have to say in your own behalf. See your employer protesting, objecting. See him waver and yield. Picture all the details of your efforts in the new position, your new ideas, your ingenious devices, and finally your complete and unqualified success. Enter upon all the details of the desired employment in your imagination. Live it mentally, and in due time its mantle will in reality descend upon your shoulders.

This does not mean that you will be only a dreamer. It does not mean that the fruits of the earth will come without toil.

But you need not concern yourself with these details.

Rest assured that if your vision is clear enough, if you really live in mind the life you want to live in the flesh, if all your thoughts are concentrated upon the one goal, then the energy, the application, the persistence, the ability and the work, all that you have and need to have, will be sure to manifest themselves with no further care on your part.

For every idea is a pent-up reservoir of energy, and every idea must find its release in action, and every thought complex has its emotional element, and every harmonized state of consciousness is energizing, purposive and effective.

And if your mental vision is clear, definite and all-absorbing, every experience that you have, every situation in which you may be placed, will arouse a prompt, appropriate, automatic and advantageous response from your intent and watchful consciousness.

So your part is simply to concentrate your thoughts, and, doing this, to know that the transfiguration is at hand.

E. Cultivate a cheerful expression. If doubts arise, if anxious thoughts persist in appearing at the threshold of consciousness, a smile, however forced, will drive them into the depths from which they came.

The more unwavering your faith, the more inflexible your purpose and the more vivid the pictures of your aims, the more speedily will come the realization of your desires, the more quickly will you become rich and successful. For every thought you hold tends to manifest itself in action.