You know that if you like a man he also is attracted toward you. On the other hand, if for any reason you conceive a feeling of hostility toward him, he quickly draws away. And this, notwithstanding your every care to conceal your feelings, and even though you are serenely confident that you have not permitted any suggestion of them to appear.

Love begets its love, and the one grown cold, the other perishes.

There is a scientific reason for this. Thoughts manifest themselves in bodily action, and the minds of others are alert to interpret the faintest and most fleeting sign.

Know, then, that the thoughts you hold of the things you yearn for will certainly and surely go forth even though unspoken.

Thoughts will tincture your environment.

Thoughts will make and unmake friendships and alliances.

Thoughts will permeate the world about you.

Thoughts will create and constitute an aura that will determine your place as a man among men.

As the zone of your thought influence radiates and widens, it will carry with it the impress of your mental vision. Other minds, constituting other units of creative force, will feel the stirrings of your impellent thought. Other agencies will be invoked and other physical forces set in motion to achieve the accomplishment of your desires.

None can foresee the limits of such an influence. Who knows but that by physical impulses unconsciously given, unconsciously received and unconsciously transmitted men and women in distant lands, knowing nothing of you, may ignorantly even now be working the fulfilment of your desires?

Therefore, let no negative thoughts enter your mind, or if they come thrust them from you. Every negative thought in consciousness tends to repress and neutralize the creative thought of your desire, tends to inhibit its expression, tends to express itself in outward action unfriendly to your purpose.

Fear, doubt and worry are the very antitheses of creative thought. Not only do they inhibit its expression, but they set in motion contrary influences and energies.

Why? What are doubts and fears and worries?

Are they emotions? No. They are thoughts. They are mental pictures of yourself in all the circumstances and surroundings that you would like most to avoid. They are a mental chamber of horrors in which you see yourself in failure, poverty, squalor, disease and misery.

Since worries and fears are thoughts, and as such tend to work their hideous reality, shun them as you would a pestilence. They are the bacilli of mental disease. They are the virus of failure.

Just as you have no friends so loyal, rich and powerful as your own creative thoughts, so you have no enemies so wicked and terrible as your own thoughts of unbelief.

Therefore, watch over your consciousness. Scrutinize your thoughts. They set the course that you are sure to follow.

F. Things you hear and see, your environment - in other words, the sense-perceptions that crowd in upon you -operate through the laws of association to make active in consciousness such thoughts as are associated with them.

It follows that scenes of poverty, sickness and wretchedness will make it more difficult for you to hold the right kind of creative thoughts. Your vision will be subtly influenced and clouded by the darkness of your surroundings.

Therefore, associate yourself as far as possible with people in the circumstances you hope to attain.

You cannot fill the purse of poverty while you yourself are poor, nor soothe the sufferings of sorrow while you yourself are in despair.

Talk with the poor about the better circumstances they are coming into. Talk with the sick as convalescents planning on what they will do when well and strong.

Thereby you confer a double favor. You benefit them as well as yourself.

Do not imagine for a moment that to do these things is to become sordid and contemptible.

This would follow if you were trying to get rich at the expense of others. But you are to get rich through creative effort, through the employment of your talents and energies in ways that will benefit others as well as yourself.

The efficiency expert is of more value to mankind than the rich but idle dispenser of charity. The engineer is a more desirable citizen than the mere philanthropist. We have all admired the extent of Carnegie's liberality and the form of his benefactions, but the acceptance of such princely gifts may tend to cultivate a beggarly spirit in a democratic people. And the value to the world of engineer and efficiency expert lies not only in their material achievements, but also in the uplifting influence of their careers upon the spirits of men.

What the poor need is not sympathy. It is not charity.

It is Inspiration. It is Opportunity. It is the inspiration that makes its own opportunity.

To get rich through the upbuilding of a great industry, through the laying bare of new sources of wealth, through any form of creative achievement, is the loftiest aspiration you can take into your heart, for it assumes and implies the furtherance of all noble aims.

G. Do not waste your time in wondering if you will succeed or in considering just what step to take first.

If your mind is sufficiently possessed with purposive thoughts of what you are to have and what you are to be, everything else will take care of itself, your every action will be colored in the dye of your desire. Your singleness of purpose will enable you to meet satisfactorily every emergency.

No man with thoughts concentrated upon a mental vision can postpone his efforts to attain it. It is in the very nature of mind and body that he should act now.

If he is in the wrong environment, if he is in the wrong kind of work, if he is in the wrong place, these facts will unendurably gall his spirit. He will -nay, he must! - wrench himself free though the heavens fall.

He will put his every ounce of energy into present action.

He will do no waiting for things to turn up. He will work and strive and struggle as if each day was the only day he had to live.

He will fit himself for the place he means to fill. He will fit himself to use wisely the things he means to have. He will fit himself to wear bravely the honors he means to win.

And while thus holding the vision of the future he will realize that his every act here and now will be for him either a step forward or a step backward, a positive success or a positive failure, according as it does or does not bring him nearer to the thing he craves.

H. Practice persistently, devotedly, as the swift and sure means of achievement, and with special reference to the attainment of your chosen goal, the exercises prescribed in Book Ten of this Course.

Your Desire must become the background of your mental life, against which all experiences, ideas, emotions and impulses will stand forth in their true colors. It must be the ever-present, ever-watchful sentinel to welcome the friend and to bar the enemy.

There is but one way of bringing this result speedily to pass, and that is by giving up part of your leisure to deliberate and systematic self-training.

And here let us repeat this admonition: You must not make these procedures a mere routine.

To closet yourself with your aspirations at stated hours and to utter certain prayerful formulas is well enough. You will see their beneficial effect from the first day.

But you cannot atone for a sinful week by a sanctimonious Sabbath. You cannot reach your highest mark if you give twenty-three and a half hours of every day to the past and present of your life and only thirty minutes to the future.

You are called upon thoughtfully to determine what things will make for the fullest development of your personality.

You are called upon to so impress these things upon your mind in consciousness as to arouse an absorbing passion for their attainment.

You cannot do this by merely setting apart an occasional moment for concentration and prayer. Your purpose, your vision, your faith in the actuality of your vision must be always with you, must saturate your personality.

There is no one to accomplish this for you.

You must kelp yourself.

And the way to help yourself, the only sure road to fortune, is the way that we have outlined, a way of dream and struggle and self-mastery.

Follow these instructions literally and systematically, and you cannot fail of riches and prosperity.