T0 SUCCEED in a large way, you must be able to see things in clear perspective. You must not only see and foresee, but you must oversee.

Sight, Foresight And Oversight

You cannot do this in a literal sense. The business man who tries to be "all over the place at once" in a physical sense will not get very far. Other men's eyes are yours to use.

But mental ubiquity is a faculty that all may acquire.

This exercise will show you how.

First - Follow the first, second, third and fourth instructions given under the preceding exercise. This will bring you to a mood of concentrated attention.

Second - Expand your consciousness by a persistent effort up out of the limits of your body, until you feel yourself to be up above your place of business and able to look down upon all its employees and operations.

Roof, floors, walls hide no secrets from your clairvoyant and clairaudient consciousness. You see at once every inch of the concern. You hear what is being said in every department. You feel yourself in contact with every phase and factor of the enterprise.

Third - Vary this procedure by allowing your consciousness to expand in all directions beyond the limits of your own body and outside the sphere of your personal activities.

In imagination allow your consciousness to widen until it explores the farthest reaches of the heavens. Do not try to form definite thought-pictures. Simply let the mind expand in volume until it seems aware of things far beyond the purview of your body.

Practice this exercise daily for short periods of time. It will develop your imagination. It will lift you out of the petty details of life and restore your psychic balance.