WORDS are the expression of thoughts. By incessant repetition words become linked indissolubly with the ideas for which they stand.

Six Exercises In Deliberate Affirmation

So it comes that by our own spoken words we can inspire ourselves even more certainly and effectively than we can inspire others.

This we can do by giving utterance to creative thoughts.

The present exercise indicates the best method for Deliberate Affirmation.

First - Stand erect in the open air or before an open window.

Second - Close your eyes, shut your ears to all sound and disregard everything that may be going on around you.

Third - Breathe very slowly and deeply five times in succession.

Fourth - Call forth a feeling of intense energy. Say to yourself, mentally, "I am alert; I am tense and ready; all my faculties are at my instant command; I am charged with courage and expectancy." So far as your body is concerned, there must be no muscle-tension or activity. The sense of energy and expectancy must be restrained and controlled, finding no outward expression.

Fifth - Repeat aloud a few times, quietly but with determined emphasis and with a feeling of intense energy and strength all through your body, the words: "I can and I will succeed in whatever I undertake!"

Sixth - Vary this procedure by affirmation of the following expressions and of others more specific and adapted to your special needs:

"I am equal to this work!"

"I have perfect confidence in myself!"

"I am certain to succeed!"

"I am even now on the way to a great success!"

"I am successful!"

"I am filled with energy and power!"

"I am brave!"

"My business is growing!"

"My business offers more opportunities today than ever before!"

"Intelligent effort is sure to win in my line of work!"

"My work is just the work I am fitted for!"

"I am happy in my work!"

"I have many friends working for mel"

"Many influences that I know nothing about are at work to help ME win!"

"I am making progress every day!"

"I am well and strong!"

"I am master of my career!"

These sentences embody creative and inspiring thoughts. They will help you to manifest your hidden energies.

They will help you to visualize the object of your desires. They will clear your mental atmosphere and prop your faith.

They will help you more than any conventional prayer, because they are conceived in faith rather than in hope.