An agent or an attorney is one authorized by a person to act for him and in his stead, in the transaction of business for the person appointing said agent or attorney.

In regard to the subject of an agency, the general rule is, that whatever a man may do in his own right he may also transact through another. Things of a personal nature, implying personal confidence on the part of the person possessing them, cannot be delegated.

Infants, married women, lunatics, idiots, aliens, belligerents, and persons incapable of making legal contracts, cannot act as principals in the appointment of agents. Infants and married women may, however, become principals in certain cases.

The act of the agent always binds his principal. Agents who exceed their authority, become themselves personally responsible to their principals.

One should not consent to act as an agent or attorney in complicated matters, except where the powers of this office be explicitly defined in writing.

Agency may be terminated in two ways: (i) by the act of the principal or agent; (2) by operation of law. In the latter case, the termination of the agency is effected by lapse of time, by completion of the subject-17 matter of the agency, by the extinction of the subject-matter, or by the insanity, bankruptcy or death of either party.