Agreeing to the terms proposed; the acceptor's name written on the face of a bill of exchange or draft, usually with the word "Accepted."

Accommodation Paper - Notes or acceptances drawn for the purpose of being discounted, and not founded on an actual sale of goods.

Account Current

A running account. A detailed statement of the transactions between two persons or firms.

Account Sales

An itemized statement of sales and expenses, sent by a commission merchant to his principal.


A registrar ; a clerk ; a person skilled in the application of the doctrine of chances to financial affairs, more especially to insuring of lives.


To put in order; to bring to a satisfactory state, so that parties can agree.


One that is appointed by the court to settle an estate.


A written declaration under oath.


A party acting on behalf of another, called his principal; one commissioned to do business for another ; a factor.


A periodical payment of money, amounting to a fixed yearly sum.


The adjustment of a disputed point by a person or persons chosen by the parties in dispute.


A call upon the holders of stock or policies to pay into the treasury a certain sum in order to pay off debts or effect a re-organization.


Funds, property, or effects ; the stock in trade, cash, and all the available property of a merchant, in contradistinction to his liabilities or obligations.


A person to whom the property of a bankrupt or an insolvent debtor is transferred for the benefit of creditors.


The act of transferring property to the assignee.


A legal writ for the purpose of seizing a man's property.


An officer appointed to examine and verify claims upon the treasury of a company or society and to investigate the treasurer's accounts.