Call Loans

Money loaned subject to the call or demand of lender. It must be returned the day it is called for before the close of banking hours.


The investment in business.

Cash Sales

The sales made for ready money, in contradistinction to sales on which credit is given.


A written voucher attesting to some fact; as a certificate of deposit, a certificate of stock.

Certified Check

One which has been certified or accepted by the bank on which it is drawn, making the bank responsible for its payment.


A paper from government, defining the rights and privileges of corporations.

Chattel Mortgage

A mortgage of personal property.

Clearing House

A kind of banking exchange, established in some of the large cities for the convenience of daily settlements ; the drafts and checks on each other are mutually exchanged without the individual presentation of each at the banks, and a balance struck, which balance only is paid in cash.


Pledges of stocks, notes, chattels, for security of loans and other indebtedness.

Commercial Paper

Bills of exchange, drafts, and notes given in course of trade.


A percentage given for the sale or purchase of goods, or the transaction of other business.


A corporation. A term also used in a firm name to designate other part-tiers, whose names are not given.


One to whom goods are sent.


A joining of two or more persons into one firm for the purpose of carrying on any enterprise. It has the same meaning as a partnership.


An artificial scarcity created by holding property off the. market for the extortion of abnormally high prices.


An interest note or a certificate attached to a transferable bond, cut off from the bond and collected when due.


One giving credit; one whom we owe.


A government place where imported goods are entered and duties collected.