Balance Of Trade

The difference between the value of our commercial imports and exports.


One unable to pay his debts, and takes advantage of the bankrupt law.


A person whose interest it is to secure lower prices.

Bill Of Exchange

An order for the payment of money, usually drawn on a person living in a foreign country, draft being used to designate bills that are payable in the same country in which they are drawn.

Bill Of Lading

A written account of goods shipped, and the conditions of shipment, having the signature of the carrier's agent, and given the shipper as a receipt.

Bill Of Sale

A writing given by the seller to the buyer, transferring the ownership of personal property.


An instrument under seal, by which the maker binds himself, and usually his heirs, executors, and administrators, to do or not to do a specified act. A certificate of ownership of a specified portion of a capital debt due by a government, a city, a railroad, or other corporation, to individual holders, and usually bearing a fixed rate of interest.

Bonded Goods

Those which are stored in a bonded warehouse, or in bonded cars, the owner having given bonds securing the payment of import duties or of internal revenues, upon their removal or their arrival in some inland city of entry, and before a specified time.


A premium given on a loan, or for any favor shown.


An agent who effects sales or purchases, or who makes loans and con-tracts for another.

Bucket Shop

A place where bets are made on quotations of prices established on legitimate exchanges and boards of trade. Pretended trading. Illegal in most States. Recently taxed by Revenue Law.


A person whose interest it is to secure higher prices.


Raising the price of stocks.etc.