Falling Market

A continuous decline in prices.


A note, draft, or check is drawn in favor of the party to whom it is made payable; a letter.

Fee Simple

The absolute ownership of real estate.

F. O. B. - Free on board or free of all shipping expenses.

Good Will

The reputation and patronage belonging to an established business. The good will of a business is frequently the subject of purchase and sale.


To accept or pay draft when due.


Putting up collaterals for loans.

Importing Countries

The United

Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Brazil, the West Indies, China, and Japan, because they produce less grain than is required for home consumption.


Inability to pay debts or meet commercial obligations.


Unable to pay one's debts ; one who is insolvent.


A schedule or list of the goods, wares and merchandise generally, credits and assets of a merchant.


An itemized bill of merchandise bought, sold or shipped. '


A wholesale merchant who buys goods from the importers and manufacturers, and sells to retailers.


The decree of a court enforcing a contract or redressing wrong.


The pecuniary obligations of a merchant, which include bills payable and all other debts.