fiat money. Money by decree of the government.

finance committee. A board directing monetary affairs.

financial statement. A balance sheet.

first mortgage. A mortgage that must be satisfied before all others.

fiscal year. The twelve months considered a year in financial operations, that of the United States government ending on June 30.

fixed capital. Property in its final form and capable of continued use in production, as machinery.

fixed charge. A certain charge becoming due at stated intervals.

fixed debt. A debt of some permanence, as a debt represented by bonds.

floating. Marketing; selling; - said of bonds or stock.

floating capital. Property in a changing form, as that invested in articles being manufactured.

floating debt. Indebtedness not represented by securities.

floating stock. Stock not held permanently.

forced loan. A loan made to conform to the requirements in hand, as that of a bank which has paid an overdraft afterwards not covered.

foreign exchange. Drafts drawn in one country payable in another; the system so used.

founders' shares. Shares formerly issued to the promoters of a company.

free coinage. Coinage of money without charge or deposit of metal, extended in the United States only to gold.

free overside. Same as ex-ship.

freight. 1. Anything transported by a carrying company. 2. Charges for transportation of the heavier class of goods.

full-stock. Stock at the face value of $100.

funded debt. Outstanding debts converted into bonds or annuities.