general mortgage. A blanket mortgage.

gold bond. A bond payable only in gold, principal and interest.

gold point. That period in the buying and selling of foreign exchange when it permits the importation or exportation of gold.

gold reserve. The fund in gold, $150,000,000, set aside in the United States treasury for. the redemption of greenbacks.

government depository. A national bank designated to receive government deposits.

gross earnings. Total earnings.

guaranteed bond. A bond issued by one company and having the principal and interest guaranteed by another.

guaranteed stock. A stock issued by one company and guaranteed by another.

half-stock. Stock the par value of which is $50. holding company. Same as securities company.

hypothecation. The pledging of any property, as securities, as collateral for loans.

In bond. Held under bond or in trust.

indorsed bond. A bond bearing an indorsement not properly pertaining to it. According to New York stock exchange rules such a bond must be designated "indorsed," when offered for sale.

industrial stock. Stock of a manufacturing company.

initialed check. A check bearing the initials of a cashier or paying teller, signifying that the signature is correct.

interim dividend. Division of profit before the final yearly dividend is declared.

international stock. A stock dealt in in foreign ex-changes.

investment securities. Stocks, bonds, or the like, considered as safe and desirable as regards dividends.

iron-clad note. A collateral note.

irredeemable bond. A bond which can not be paid off, now rarely issued.

irredeemable currency. Fiat money.

issue. 1. In law, the first delivery of a negotiable instrument in complete form to the holder. 2. In finance, the outstanding stock or bonds of a company.