quarter-stock. Stock at the par value of $25.

quick assets. Property quickly convertible into cash.

quid. One pound sterling. [English.] quotation. Price. On the stock exchange quotations for stock are in eighths of one per cent, while quotations for grain, pork, lard, short ribs, and silver are in eighths of a cent. Cotton and coffee quotations are in hundredths of a cent.

redeemable bond. A bond payable at a specified future time.

redemption drawing. The determination by lot of those bonds to be redeemed and paid.

registered bond. A bond recorded in the owner's name.

registered coupon bond. A bond bearing coupons payable to bearer, but itself payable only to owner.

registered stock. Stock recorded in the company books and transferable only by surrender of the stock-certificate, not by indorsement. [English.]

registrar. The keeper of the records of transfers of securities, verifying the signatures of registered owners.

rehypothecation. The hypothecation by a broker of securities hypothecated to him. Such act is illegal without the consent of the owner of the collateral.

released indorsed bond. A bond bearing an acknowledgment of relinquishment of title, taken before a notary public.

reorganization. Compulsory financial reconstruction.

resources. The collective amount of cash and property equivalent to cash.

restrictive indorsement. An indorsement so worded as to qualify further negotiability.

right. 1. The privilege to subscribe (a certain amount) to an issue of a security. 2. In underwriting, an allotment or accepted subscription.