scrip. 1. A certificate for a fraction. of a share of stock, usually exchangeable for shares when presented in sufficient quantities. 2. United States paper currency of less than $1 denomination, - not now issued.

seasoned securities. Stocks or bonds having an established value.

securities company. A company owning the securities of other companies and depending for its income upon the income derived from such securities.

seignorage. The difference between the cost of the bullion in a coin and the value of the coin minted.

seller four, ten, twenty, etc. Sold for delivery on any day desired by the seller within the number of days specified (4-10-20-etc.) on one day's notice to the buyer.

seller's option. A put.

serial bonds. Bonds redeemable in specified installments.

single-name paper. Unindorsed paper.

sinking fund. A fund to which are added certain amounts of money at specified times to close off a debt.

sinking-fund bond. A bond to be paid by a sinking fund.

sinking-fund mortgage. A mortgage to be paid by a sinking fund.

slow assets. Property not to be quickly turned into cash.

sola. A foreign bill of exchange drawn singly.

special aid bond. A bond issued by a government or municipality to facilitate a beneficial enterprise.

special assessment bond. A municipal bond issued payable by a special tax levied upon property improved by the fund originating the bond.

stale check. A check not presented for a considerable time.

sub-company. A subsidiary company.

subsidiary company. A company the stock of which is owned or controlled by another company.

surplus. Profit remaining after deductions are made.

syndicate. A number of capitalists uniting to finance and carry out some plan or scheme.