tack. The direction in which a speculator's interest lies. .

tax bond. A state bond receivable for taxes.

time lean. Money borrowed for a specified period.

ton-miles, ton-mileage. Number of miles total tonnage was hauled by a railroad.

train-miles, train-mileage. Number of miles made by a railroad train or trains.

transfer agent. An officer authorized to transfer a company's stock,

traveler's letter of credit. A draft issued payable in such amounts as desired by various domestic and foreign correspondents.

turn over. The total business transacted by a concern in a given period.

underlying mortgage. A prior mortgage.

unfunded debt. A floating debt.

utter. To issue, as forged paper.

via. A bill of foreign exchange, drawn in duplicate or triplicate.

voting trust. The placing of all or part of the stock of a company in a trust for voting purposes.

when issued. Deliverable when, and as if issued - said of a stock.

working capital. Money necessary for operating expenses.

X. Same as ex.

x-d. Ex-dividend.

yield. Percentage of return in dividends.