Burn's first came upon the World as a prodigee, and was, in that character, entertained by it, in the usua| fashion, with vague, loud, tumultuous wonder, spe dily subsiding into sencure and neglect, till his early and most mornful death again awakened an enthu siasm for him, which, especially as there was now nuthing to be done, and much to be spoken, has prologed itself even to our own time.

It is true, the 0 days have long since elapsed and the very continuance of this clamour proves that Rurns was no vulgur wonder Accordingly. He has come to rest more & more exclusively on his own I iurinsic merits, ane may now be wellnigh shorn of that casual radiance he appears not only as a true English poet, but as one of the most considerable British men of the 18th century Let it not be objected that he did little He did very much, if we consider how where and we must recollect that he had his every materials to discover; fore the for the metal he Worked in lay hid under the dsert, whre no eye but his has guesst its existence; and we may almost say that with his own hands he had to construct the tools for shioning it For he found himself in deepest security - without help, instruction, without model, or with model only of the meanest sort An educated man stands, as It were, in the midst of a boundless arsenal and magazine, filled with all the weapon sahd engines which i ans skill has been able to devize from the earliest rowed from all Past ages How different in his state time, and he works. accordingly with a strength bor-who stands on the outsid of that storehouse, and feels that its gales must be stormed. or remain forever shut against him' ••• \ dwarf back his sleamegen may remove mountains, but no dwarf will hue there down with a pickax, and he must be a Titan who hurls them abroad with his arms

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Essay On Burn s First 10022

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