Marks Used In Proof Reading 10023

Take out; delete. This character is variously made, these forms being common.

Space; more space; - often used in conjunction with the caret.

Push down; - designating a space or quad which shows black.

Turn inverted letter or character so as to show correct.

Let the matter stand; do not change; - stet is placed in the margin.

Transpose letters, characters, leads, lines or other matter indicated.

Bring to left or right, toward face of bracket; - if with center, bring to center.

Indent line one em of type of its own measure.

Take out broken, worn or disfigured letter or character.

Insert period; - often called "proof-reader's period," used in writing for distinctness.

Close up letters, parts of words or other open space.

Bring matter up or down so as to present a straight line or lines.

Bring matter to right or left so as to make margin even.

Bring matter up or down, whichever way face of bracket is turned.

Letter or character indicated is "wrong font"; supply one of right font.

Abbreviation for italic; change to italic. The abbreviation for roman is torn.

Change indicated letter, word or other matter to lower case.

Change to italic, small capitals and capitals respectively, denoted by number of lines.

Indent so as to make paragraph; begin new paragraph.

Set as a logotype instead of in two or more letters.