By Forbes Lindsay

Associate Manager of the Home Office Agency The Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company of California.


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What Prominent Insurance Men Think Of "Efficiency."

"It strikes me as one of the most helpful works of the kind for the live agent that I have ever seen. It is an aid alike to the 'man who knows' and the fellow who 'doesn't know; It is especially strong in its treatment of that all-important part of the business-salesmanship."

J. C Matchitt, Editor and Manager,

"Northwest Insurance," Minneapolis, Minn.

"It is a strong document, written along right lines and should be a great selling help in the hands of an agency force."

Marston & Smalley, General Agents,

New England Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Philadelphia, Pa.

"I am in receipt of your most valuable booklet, 'Effi-ciency/ and I am pleased to say I have re-read the book the second time. I am very much interested in any literature on insurance, and can truthfully say your 'Efficiency' has more useful information, both for the beginner and the 'Old Field Man; than anything I have ever read."

Ira E. Quimby, New York Life Insurance Co.,

Victoria, B. C.

"I believe your booklet to be the best publication of its kind which has come under my observation."

A. N. Des Champs, Manager,

Aetna Life Insurance Co.,

Bridgeport, Conn.

"Your book, 'Efficiency' is the first and only real practical treatise on Life Insurance Salesmanship that has ever been brought to my attention. Brevity is an essential element in efficiency. You have boiled down what others have required volumes to say."

R. M. Malpas, Agency Manager, American National Insurance Co.,

Galveston, Texas.

"It is my opinion that this is one of the most profitable and interesting treatises ever published in connection with insurance work. I am certain that I shall be more efficient than I was in the past as a result of a careful study of your valuable book."

M. Messer, Manager Hoboken District,

Colonial Life Ins. Co. of America,

Hoboken, N. J.

"The plans of soliciting which you have outlined should be of tremendous value to new agents in analyzing their work. Chapter I is a new pen picture of the ideal Life Insurance Salesman."

W. F. McCaughey, General Agent, Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Racine, Wis.

"It is all good, and any agent, young or old, experienced or inexperienced, cannot fail to find many helpful hints, and if he will then proceed to use his 'self-starter' and do some real thinking he should be able to make money from your information."

Charles M. Ide, Special Agent, New England Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Boston, Mass.

"I think your little book is of the greatest value, not only to beginners, but to men who have had experience on the 'firing line; "

William H. Ryan, General Agent,

The Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Brooklyn, N .Y.

"I have read with a great deal of pleasure your booklet 'Efficiency' and have passed it around our office, where nothing but favorable comments have been made upon it. It is well gotten up, both from the standpoint of arrangement and material, and I congratulate you upon your success in getting out such a book."

Edward A. Woods, Manager, The Equitable Life Assurance Society,

Pittsburg, Pa.

"I found it very interesting and helpful; and, frankly, I found nothing to criticize therein. On the other hand, it is not only intelligently compiled, from the lay standpoint, but is practical from the particular standpoint of securing the application."

C. J. Edwards, Manager, The Equitable Life Assurance Society,

New York, N. Y.

"I think it is one of the finest little books I have ever read on insurance."

George M. Spiegel, General Agent,

Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co.,

Indianapolis, Ind.

"The valuable little dynamo, 'Efficiency/ has been received. I have read your book with interest and much profit.

"The book is an authority which drives a nail home so thoroughly it sticks. This treatise will make a man think, and then it tersely and cleverly unfolds suggestions on practical business methods that are invaluable to the fellow who believes in the survival of the fittest."

W. C. Hutchins, General Agent,

Bankers Life Company, Des Moines, la.

"I have before me your favor of the 5th inst., and your Company indeed did me an honor when they sent me your booklet on 'Efficiency/ I consider it tiptop in every way, and I do not recall having mentally made any notes which would improve it. I think it excellent just as it is."

R. O. Miles, General Agent, The Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

San Francisco, Cal.

"I believe that it is the best thing ever published for life insurance agents. Instead of having spread-eagle stuff covering generalities, as the expression goes, it gets down to cases and gives something definite that the agent can say."

C. D. Rodman, General Agent, The Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Louisville, Ky.

"I will say for this booklet that it is without question or doubt and without exception, the best work on life insurance salesmanship, or any other kind of salesmanship, that it has ever been my pleasure to read."

Robert M. Gray, Agent, First Nat'l. Life and Ace. Ins. Co.,

Hankinson, N. D.

"I have read this little book with great pleasure, and want to assure you that I have gained much valuable information from the same. I do not know that I could offer any suggestions at all for its improvement, as it seems to me that you have covered the ground thoroughly."

E. G. Simmons, Vice-President, Pan-American Life Insurance Co.,

New Orleans, La.

"We have received the booklet entitled 'Efficiency' and wish to say that we have never seen anything which looked to us half as good."

Parker & Hinkley, General Agents,

New England Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Buffalo, N. Y.

"I have read the papers very carefully, and wish to congratulate you most sincerely upon the exhaustive handling you have given the subject. You write like an artist. What you say is effective and beautiful. All my criticism may be bunched in the one word, 'splendid' "

Charles W. Pickell, Manager, Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Los Angeles, Cal.

"I want to say that after reading the booklet carefully I unhesitatingly pronounce it as a very valuable one, indeed. I am using some parts of it in the management of my own office, and shall employ more of the ideas it contains in time to come."

A. F. Sommer, Superintendent,

Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Your book seems to me to be the most direct trail to successful and constructive life insurance salesmanship. * * * I look upon chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6 as the guiding stars to my future success in the selling of life insurance, and take this opportunity to tell you I am deeply grateful to you and your Company for sending the book to our office."

John J. O'Neill, The Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Philadelphia, Pa.

"Permit me to say that the little booklet entitled 'Efficiency' is the very best of its kind it has been my privilege to read, and is equally useful to experienced as well as inexperienced life insurance men, since it covers practically every phase of the business."

J. J. Tyndall, District Manager, The Union Central Life Ins. Co.,

El Paso, Texas.

"I consider it the very best thing I have ever seen, and all my agents endorse this statement."

J. W. Dickson, General Agent, The Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Anderson, S. C.

"I have on hand for acknowledgment your valuable booklet 'Efficiency,' and have no hesitation in expressing my enthusiastic approval of the very clever and intelligent way you have handled your subject. Your work is an acquisition that should appeal strongly to all insurance men, as it is brimful with the best insurance literature that I have seen anywhere for the practical purpose of training agents, therefore the good it will do is inconceivable."

J. B. Morrisette, President,

The Life Underwriters' Assn. of Canada,

Quebec, Que.

"I am delighted with the little book entitled 'Efficiency/ I have found it exceedingly suggestive, and every now and then in its pages I find some new viewpoint which is exceedingly helpful. I want to thank you most heartily for this work which you have done for the field men."

H. Everett Farnham, General Agent,

The Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Saint Joseph, Mo.

"I want you to know how much I enjoyed 'Efficiency/ Between its covers can be found in concrete form so many things tersely put that are usually the subject of voluminous writing."

WM. H. Kingsley, Second Vice-Pres.,

The Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co.,

Philadelphia, Pa.

"It is a splendid work, and I think I have never read a book explaining in such clear, simple language the several subjects which it treats. * * * There are valuable suggestions all through the work for the experienced solicitor as well as the beginner."

E. M. France, General Agent,

State Mutual Life Assurance Co.,

Cleveland, Ohio.