Disabling Password Caching

When you perform a Subversion operation that requires you to authenticate, by default Subversion caches your authentication credentials on disk. This is done for convenience, so that you don't have to continually re-enter your password for future operations. If you're concerned about caching your Subversion passwords,[3] you can disable caching either permanently or on a case-by-case basis.

To disable password caching for a particular one-time command, pass the --no-auth-cache option on the commandline. To permanently disable caching, you can add the line store-passwords = no to your local machine's Subversion configuration file. See the section called “Client Credentials Caching” for details.

[3] Of course, you're not terribly worried—first because you know that you can't really delete anything from Subversion and, secondly, because your Subversion password isn't the same as any of the other three million passwords you have, right? Right?