What's a Googledrome? It's a search on which yields the same top result no matter if it's spelled forward or backward. A Google palindrome, if you will, but the search itself may not be a perfect palindrome or consist of palindromes (the query must not stay the same in reverse, e.g. "rats live on no evil star" doesn't count, and also no two words in the query may be the reverse of each other, e.g. "palindrome emordnilap palindrome" doesn't count).

Further rules are that the search may contain only letters and numbers, and that there must be at least two letters in it (and at least two letters for every word in the query as well). Also, the result page may not in any way be prepared to be a target of this challenge.

Dave Pettit discovered the first Googledrome ever on March 15, 2006: it was Oprah… because a search for "oprah" and "harpo" (which is Oprah in reverse) returns the same number 1 result,

Can you find a Googledrome?