Cement for aquariums can be prepared in the following way:

(1) Take 1 gill of litharge, 1 gill of plaster of paris, 1 gill of fine white sand, 1-3 of a gill of finely powdered resin. Mix well and bottle and cork it until it is wanted for use; then mix it with boiled linseed oil and dryers until as thick as putty. Mix the cement only in small quantities, as it dries quickly.

(2) Mix boiled linseed oil, litharge, red and white lead together, using white lead in the largest proportion; spread on flannel and place in the joints.

(3) A solution of glue, 8 ounces, to 1 ounce of Venice turpentine; boil together, agitating all the time, until the mixture becomes as complete as possible, the joints to be cemented to be kept together for forty-eight hours if required.

(4) Take half a gill of gold size, 2 gills of red lead, 1 1/2 gills of litharge, and sufficient silver-sand to make into a thick paste for use. This mixture sets in about two days.

(5) Mix well-dried Venetian red, 3 pounds, with oxide of iron, 1 pound, and add as much boiled oil as will make the mixture into a stiff paste.

(6) Common putty and litharge in about equal quantities, well mixed with boiled linseed oil.