Cement - Metal

Is composed of antimony (3 parts), lead (8 parts), bismuth (1 part).

Cement - Oil

The oil cements require two or three years to set. The best cement of this kind is composed of pure white lead ground in linseed oil varnish, and kept from the air in close stoppered bottles or packages.

Cement - Rust For Iron

Rust cement for iron is made as follows: Wrought-iron filings, 65 parts; sal-ammoniac, 2 1/2 parts; sulphur (flour), 1 1/2 parts; sulphuric acid, 1 part. The solid ingredients are mixed dry, sulphuric acid diluted with sufficient water being then added. This cement dries after two or three days, and unites with the iron, making a very resisting and solid mass.

Cements - Rust-Joint

(1) Cement for setting quickly: 1 part (by weight) sal-ammoniac in powder; 2 parts flour of sulphur; 80 parts iron borings; made to a paste with water.

(2) Cement for slowly setting, but better than the above if it has time to set, is made from the same material but in different proportions; 2 parts sal-ammoniac; 1 part flour of sulphur; 200 parts iron borings.

Cement - Stephenson's Oil

Stephenson's oil cement, which must be used shortly after it is made, is composed of lime fallen to a powder 1 part, fine sand 1 part, litharge 2 parts, stirred into a paste with hot linseed oil.

Cement - "Stone."

To make "Stone" cement, take an ordinary resin and powder coarsely so as to melt easily; use of the resin, 1 ounce; yellow wax, 1 ounce; Venetian red, 1 ounce. Melt the resin, then add the wax, and lastly, stir in the Venetian red. This cement may be "pulled" into sticks and used by melting into place with a hot iron on the piece of iron or stone, or both, if convenient, may be heated hot enough to melt the cement; then, if held in position until the cement is cold, they will be found strongly fixed together.

Cement - Stove

Litharge, 2 parts; powdered slaked lime, 1 part; sand, 1 part. Mix the mass with a sufficient quantity of hot linseed oil varnish to form a stiff paste. This cement must be used while fresh and warm.

Chilling Iron Very Hard

To chill iron very hard, use a liquid made as follows: Soft water, 10 gallons; salt, 1 peck; oil of vitriol. 1/2 pint; saltpetre, 1/2 pound; prussiate of potash, 1/4 pound; cyanide of potash, 1/4 pound. Heat the iron a cherry red and dip as usual; if not sufficiently hard repeat the process.

Chloride Of Gold

Chloride of gold is prepared by the dissolution of finely laminated gold in aqua regia.

Chloride Of Platinum

Chloride of platinum is prepared much like chloride of gold, but the aqua regia used should be made of 5 parts of hydro-chloric acid and 3 parts nitric acid.

Chloride Of Zinc

Chloride of zinc is obtained by the introduction of zinc into hydro-chloric acid.

Chrome Yellow

Chrome yellow is a precipitation made by mixing a solution of potassium chromate with lead nitric.


Chrysochalk is a copper-zinc alloy composed of:

90 parts Copper, 7 9-10 parts Zinc.


Chrysorin is a copper-zinc alloy composed of either

72 parts Copper, 28 parts Zinc, or 66 7-10 parts Copper, 33 3-10 parts Zinc.