Neogen is an alloy consisting of:

1/2 part Aluminum, 1/2 part Bismuth, 2 parts Tin, 12 parts Nickel, 27 parts Zinc, 58 parts Copper.

Newton's Metal

Is composed of tin (3 parts), lead (5 parts), bismuth (8 parts).


Nickel-aluminum is an alloy composed of 20 parts nickel and 8 parts aluminum, used for decorative threads.

Nickel Chlorine

Nickel chlorine is obtained by the dissolution in aqua regia of metallic nickel.

Nickel Hard Lead

Nickel hard lead is an alloy composed of 100 parts type metal and 5 parts nickel, used for types.


To nickel, use a bath of 2 pounds of the double sulphate of nickel and ammonium and 1 pound of refined boracic acid. Boil fifteen minutes and then cool.

Nickeling Zinc

To nickel zinc amalgamate the zinc first in a solution of chloride or nitrate of mercury, acidulated with sulphuric or muriatic acid. By this means a feeble current of electricity will answer the purpose.

Nickel Nitric

Nickel nitric is a deliquescent emerald-green powder obtained by the dissolution of nickel in nitric acid.

Nickel Plating On Zinc

In nickel plating zinc the zinc is cleansed by dilute hydrochloric acid and thoroughly washed. It is then hung in the nickel bath for a short time, and on taking out is rinsed and thoroughly scraped, so removing all that does not adhere firmly. This is repeated until the zinc is covered with a thin film of nickel, which can afterward be made as thick as required. The suitable current strength is easily found. When the zinc is once thoroughly covered, the current may be increased without any risk of peeling off.

Nickel Sulphate

Nickel sulphate is obtained by the dissolution of nickel in sulphuric acid. The action of the acid is hastened if a few drops of nitric acid are added thereto.

Nitrate Of Silver

Nitrate of silver is made by the dissolution of silver in moderately diluted nitric acid and the concentration of the solution after it has separated out in anhydrous table.

Non-Rusting Coating

A coating which does not oxidize readily upon steel and iron wire is made by the immersion of the wire in weak acid solution, then washing same and drying it at 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The wire is then to be plunged in a fluid alloy consisting of:

9 parts Lead, 1 part Silver, 90 parts Tin.

Nurnberg Gold

Nurnberg gold is an alloy consisting of:

90 per cent. Copper, 7 1/2 per cent. Aluminum, 2 1/2 per cent. Gold.

Orange Luminous Paints

For orange luminous paints, 46 parts varnish are mixed with 17.6 parts prepared barium sulphate, 1 part powdered Indian yellow, 1.5 parts prepared madder lake, and 38 parts luminous calcium sulphide.


Oroide is a copper-zinc alloy composed of:

90 parts Copper, 10 parts Zinc, or 85 5-10 parts Copper, 14 5-10 parts Zinc.

Oxidizing Silver Or Copper

To make a liquid that will oxidize silver a glossy black by dipping small articles in the liquid: Use a solution of sulphide of potassium; polish metal before, and rub with a soft rag or chamois after immersion. To make a liquid that will oxidize copper or oroide by dipping to imitate bronze: Use the same bath, but have it quite dilute. If for outside work, simply oil with olive oil, and let the weather do the rest.