Acetate Of Lead

Acetate of lead is obtained by the dissolution of litharge in acetic acid. It is poisonous.

Agate Ware - Repairing

To mend agate ware, place the article to be repaired on a square or mandrel stake and hammer on the defective spot, when the coating will come off of a sufficient space to solder or patch.

Aich Metal

Aich metal is a copper-zinc alloy composed of:

60 parts Copper, 38 2-10 parts Zinc, 1 8-10 parts Iron.

Alloy For Gold Soldering

An alloy for cold soldering is made by mixing in a cast-iron mortar 20 to 30 parts finely-powdered Copper, with Concentrated Sulphuric Acid, to which 70 parts Mercury are then added. This finely powdered copper is secured by the addition of zinc to a sulphate of copper solution.

The amalgam formed from the mixture in the mortar is thoroughly washed with water in order to bring about the removal of the sulphuric acid, and after being left alone for a little while it becomes hard enough for scratching lead. When this alloy is employed for soldering it is heated until the assumption on its part of the consistency of wax, in which condition to the joint is made.

Alloy For Holes In Castings

Holes in castings can be filled up by pouring liquid cast-iron into the holes and removing the superfluous metal by an iron straight-edge. It is usually preferred, however, to fill up these cavities with an alloy having a similar appearance to the cast-iron, but being much more fusible. One such alloy consists of antimony 69 parts (by weight), copper 16 parts, tin 2; melted together, to which add afterwards lead 13 parts.

Alloys - Japanese

In Japan some specialties in metallic alloys are in use, whose composition is as follows: Shadke consists of copper with 1 to 10 per cent. of gold. Articles made from this alloy are laid in a pickle of blue vitriol, alum and verdigris, until they acquire a bluish-black color. Gui-shi-bu-ichi is an alloy of copper containing 30 to 50 per cent. of silver. It possesses a peculiar gray shade. Mokume consists of several compositions. Thus, about thirty gold foils (genuine) are welded together with shadke, copper, silver and gui-shi-bu-ichi, and pierced. The pierced holes are, after firm hammering together of the plates, filled up with the above named pickle. The finest Japanese brass consists of 10 parts copper and 8 parts zinc, and is called "siachu." The bell-metal, "karakane," is composed of copper, 10 parts; tin, 10 parts; iron, 0.5 part; and zinc, 1.5 parts. The copper is first fused, then the remaining metals are added in rotation.

Alloy - Lipowitz's

Lipowitz's alloy is composed of tin (4 parts), lead (8 parts), cadmium (3 parts), bismuth (15 parts).

Alloy - Mousset's Silver

Mousset's silver alloy is composed of:

27 56-100 parts Silver, 9 57-100 parts Zinc, 3 42-100 parts Nickel, 56 6-110 parts Copper.

It is yellow in color, with a reddish tinge.

Alloy Of Tin And Copper

An alloy of 95 parts of tin and 5 parts of copper will connect metals with glass, according to the Pharmaceutical Record. The alloy is prepared by pouring the copper into the molten tin, stirring with a wooden mixer, and afterwards remelting. It adheres strongly to clean glass surfaces and has nearly the same rate of expansion as glass. By adding from one-half to one per cent. of lead or zinc the alloy may be rendered softer or harder, or more or less easily fusible, as required. It may also be used for coating metals, imparting to them a silvery appearance.