Mending Iron Pots And Pans

To mend iron pots and pans, partially melt two parts of sulphur and add one part of fine black lead. Mix well, pour on stone, cool and break in pieces. Use like solder with an iron.

(2) Mix finest sifted lime with some white of an egg till a thin kind of paste is formed; then add some iron filings. Apply this to the fracture and the vessel will be found nearly as sound as ever.

Mending Stove Lining

A good method for mending stove lining is the following: Take powdered soapstone and salt in equal parts, wet with water, which will make an everlasting and fireproof mending for the lining of stoves. It is very much less expensive and troublesome to procure and put in place than new firebricks. Don't let fire spoil the stove because the brick needs mending.

Mercuric Nitrate

Mercuric nitrate is made by the dissolution, at a gentle heat, of mercury and nitric acid.

Mercury - Test For

To test mercury, put a drop in a dish and pour nitric acid over the same. If the mercury be pure it will give a slight movement for a minute, and thereafter remain quiet and without motion. If it contains foreign metals a vigorous circular motion will be at once commenced and kept up until the dissolution of the mercury is completed.

Metal Fluid For Plaster Paris Mold Impressions

The following is a metal that becomes a fluid readily and is suitable for making impressions of plaster of Paris molds, wood engravings, etc.: Tin (3 parts), lead (13 parts), bismuth (6 parts). Tin (2 parts), lead (3 parts), bismuth (5 parts). Tin (1 part), lead (1 part), bismuth (2 parts). Tin (3 parts), lead (5 parts), bismuth (8 parts).


Metalline is an alloy composed of 35 parts cobalt, 25 parts aluminum, 10 parts iron and 30 parts copper.

Metals - Fusible

(1) Take bismuth, 8 lbs.; lead, 5 lbs.; tin, 3 lbs. Melt together. This alloy fuses below 212 degrees.

(2) Take bismuth, 2 lbs.; lead, 5 lbs.; tin, 3 lbs. Melt. This alloy fuses in boiling water.

(3) Take lead, 3 lbs.; tin, 2 lbs.; bismuth, 5 lbs. Fusible at 197 degrees.

In each of the three foregoing receipts melt the tin and lead first, then remove from the fire and add the bismuth.


Minargent is an alloy consisting of 5 parts Antimony, 2 parts Aluminum, 70 parts Nickel, 100 parts Copper.

Mineral Green

A mineral green is made by the addition of a solution of soda to one of cupric sulphate. It is poisonous.

Minofor Metal

Minofor metal is an alloy consisting of:

66 parts Tin,

20 parts Antimony, 9 parts Zinc, 4 parts Copper, 1 part Iron.


67 53-100 parts Tin, 17 parts Antimony,

8 94-100 parts Zinc, 3 26-100 parts Copper.

Mosaic Gold

Mosaic gold is a copper-zinc alloy composed of:

65 3-10 parts Copper, 34 7-10 parts Zinc.


To prepare mucilage, such as is sold in stationery stores: Dextrine. 2 parts; acetic acid, 1 part; water, 5 parts; alcohol, 1 part.

Muntz Metal

Muntz metal is a copper-zinc alloy composed of:

60 parts Copper, 40 parts Zinc.