Polishing Paste For Silvering

For a polish paste for silver, take a few drops of essence of mirbane and perfume with same 3 parts of vaseline, mixing into this 1 part of burnt hartshorn, 1 part cuttle-bone (pulverized), and 5 parts whiting, so that a thorough compound of the consistency of butter is obtained.

Polishing Pomade

A polishing pomade is mixed by stirring 5 pounds fine colcothar into a heated mixture of 1 pound of lard and 4 pounds American mineral oil.

(2) Mix 1 pound fine colcothar into a melted mass consisting of 5 pounds yellow vaseline.

(3) Melt 2 pounds vaseline and 2 pounds palm oil, and into this melted mass stir 14 11-100 ounces of tripoli, 3/4 ounces oxalic acid, 1 pound ferric oxide. Any of these pomades can be nicely perfumed by the use of a little essence of mirbane.

Polishing Powder For Gold

A polishing powder for gold consists of:

17 4-10 parts Chalk, 4 3-10 parts Alumina, 1 7-10 parts Carbonate of Magnesia. 4 3-10 parts Carbonate of Lead,

1 7-10 parts Jewelers' Rouge.

2 6-10 parts Silica.

Another polish for gold articles is made by the dissolution of iron filings in hydro-chloric acid, until gas ceases developing. The resultant chloride of iron should be compounded with liquid ammonia as long as a precipitation is made. This precipitation should be collected and dried without further washing, at a temperature which will prevent the adhesive ammonia from volatilization. This converts the ferrous oxide, originally precipitated, into ferric, and the resultant mixture is composed of 30 per cent. of ammonia and 70 per cent. of ferric oxide.

Polishing Powder - For Goldsmiths

Take 7 parts sesquioxide of iron, 3 parts sal-ammoniac. Mix thoroughly.

Polishing Powder For Silver

A polishing powder for silver consists of 8 parts Flake White, 2 parts Pulverized Alum. 4 parts Cream of Tartar (finely pulverized). Mixed and worked into a stiff paste with strong wine vinegar and then dried in ammonia. The dry mass is pulverized, worked again to a paste with vinegar. This is done once again after drying, and the resultant substance is pulverized.

A second powder is made by thoroughly mixing, by means of a sieve,

1/4 part Citric Acid (pulverized), 1 part Soda, 10 parts Whiting (fine).

When it is desired to use this powder, wet it in order to effect the dissolution of the soda and citric acid, so that they may exert a chemical action upon the silver.

A third powder consists of:

5 parts Chalk,

1 part Jewelers' Rouge,

1 part Pulverized Hartshorn.

Polishing Silver

Polish silver with a burnisher or bloodstone, using with same either water or beer.

Polishing Silvered Ware

Polish silvered and plated ware with Vienna lime.

Polishing Silverware

To polish silverware moisten a rag or brush with a solution consisting of:

40 parts Water, 2 parts Sal-ammoniac, 1 part Caustic Ammonia, 4 parts Sodium Hypo-sulphite.

Polishing Steel

To polish steel, rub it with a piece of emery paper, from which some of the roughness has been removed by rubbing on an old knife.