A good polishing soap is made by stirring together 24 pounds of cocoanut oil and 12 pounds of lye at 38 to 40 degrees Be, and after the mass is polished, 3 pounds colcothar mixed with 3 pounds of water and 1 12-100 ounces spirits of sal-ammoniac is stirred into it.

(2) Mix thoroughly 5 pounds Colcothar, 1 pound Ammonium-carbonate, with 25 pounds Liquid Cocoanut Oil Soap.

(3) Mix thoroughly 2 pounds Tripoli, 1 pound White Lead, I pound Pulverized Alum, 1 pound Tartaric Acid, with 25 pounds Liquid Cocoanut Oil Soap.

(4) Stir together 5 pounds Calcined Oxalite of Iron, with 25 pounds Liquid Cocoanut Oil Soap.

(5) Pulverize with great care 332 parts of tartaric acid, 265 parts of infusorial earth and 332 parts of chalk or white bole. Free the infusorial earth and the bole or chalk from adhering pebbles by means of a sieve. Water is poured over the sifted mass in a vessel, which is then stirred thoroughly and for three or four minutes the bole, which is finely divided in the water, is poured off and the operation is repeated. After allowing the bole to settle, and decanting the supernatant water, the sediment is filtered and dried over a stove. After the preparation of the ingredients, as above, add to the mixture 200 parts of glycerine, 200 parts of water, and 25 parts of alcohol.

(6) Another polishing soap is made by compounding together 8 lbs. soda lye, of 23 degrees Be, with 25 lbs. cocoanut oil, the mixture being boiled until the formation of a clear, glue-like mass. After the soap is solid enough, 1 lb. of chalk and 1/2 lb. of white lead, tartar and alum, all previously converted into a fine powder, are added, the mass being poured into small molds about 10 inches long and open on top and bottom for the ready removal of a cold soap. If desired, commercial cocoanut oil soap may be used instead of this special soap. This is the process: 5 1/2 lbs. of cocoanut oil soap are shaved finely and melted by adding water; constantly stir this melted soap and add to it 3 ounces of alum, 3 ounces of white lead, 3 ounces of tartar, 6 34-100 ounces of chalk, all of which have been finely pulverized.