To recover gold and silver from sweepings and other refuse, dry the latter and heat them in a Hessian crucible. The glowed mass is then to be triturated in an enameled kettle with water and treated with an excess of hydro-chloric acid for the dissolution of any calcium carbonate or alkalies that may be present. The portion as yet undissolved will contain ferric-oxide, clay, sand, copper, gold and silver. The silver is recovered from it by washing thoroughly with distilled water, followed by boiling in pure nitric acid, which results in the absorption of the silver by the acid. Next brush the residue and from the combined fluids there is a precipitation of silver and chloride of silver by either hydro-chloric acid or common salt, preferably the former. The residue still undissolved should be heated with aqua regia and the precipitation of the gold will be caused by the addition of copperas. It may be advisable to treat the undissolved residue with ammonia for the extraction of the chloride of silver.