Preventing Rust In Iron And Steel Goods

For the purpose of preventing steel goods and ground hollow ware, also halter chains, etc., from rusting while exhibited as samples, and which is cheap and will come off easily, caoutchouc oil is recommended. Spread it over the articles with a piece of flannel, in a very thin layer, and then allow it to dry. This will prevent the condensation of moisture, which causes rust, and can be removed by repeating the treatment and washing the articles after twelve or twenty-four hours.

Preventing Rust In Russia Iron

To prevent Russia iron from rusting, take beeswax and chip very fine and dissolve in benzine; let it stand twenty-four hours before using. Apply same to iron with a very soft brush or woolen cloth.

(2) To prevent Russia iron from rusting, use the following: Add 1 3/4 pints of cold water to 7 ounces of quick lime. Let the mixture stand until the supernatant fluid is entirely clear; then pour this off and mix it with enough olive oil to form a thick cream, or, rather, to the consistency of melted and recongealed butter. Grease your articles with this and then wrap them up in paper.

Printer's Ink

For the production of printing ink fast to washing, take 5 parts of acetic acid and dissolve therein 1 part of lunar caustic. Stand away this solution for one day, and add 20 parts of copal varnish, to which a little lampblack is added. Since the brown shade of the lunar caustic coloring predominates after repeated washings, especially if the wash is exposed to the sun, it is advisable to give the print a greenish appearance by moistening it lightly with a few drops of water in which a little potassium iodide has been dissolved. This ink should be used as fresh as possible, and the lunar caustic dissolved in acetic acid and the copal varnish solution should, therefore, each be kept in a closed flask, from which the quantity necessary for the print is taken each time in the said proportion.

Production Of Damask In Relief Upon Gun-Barrels

To produce damask in relief upon gun-barrels, first close with corks all the openings of the barrel and free it from adhesive grease. Next place it in a box-pitched inside and pour over it a mixture of 1 qt. water with 1 oz. hydro-chloric acid. Allow the barrel to remain in this mixture for three or four hours, when it is taken from the box, washed with water, rubbed with tow dipped in tripoli and then thoroughly dried. It is next allowed to heat over a coal fire. This treatment causes the steel portions to appear in relief, the iron parts having been subject to attack by corrosive solution.

Protecting Iron From Rust

To protect iron from rust, mix fine, pulverized zinc with oil and a dryer. Apply with a common brush. Two applications give a fine steel gray color and perfect protection.

Protecting Iron Work From Rusting

One-half ounce camphor, 1 pound of lard, and black lead enough to color, is said to protect iron work from rusting.

Prussiate Of Silver

Prussiate of silver is prepared by passing cyanogen gas through a cold solution of nitrate of silver.