Scraps of material left from dresses and aprons often lie in a bag and are of little use to anyone. These are excellent for making doll clothes and offer many other worthwhile experiences for children.

Pillows, Pot Holders, Doll Quilts

Cut the desired square from wrapping paper. Fold it several times as shown opposite page 60. Let each child draw his own pattern with chalk. Old colonial patchwork patterns may be studied but not copied by the children. Remember that straight edges are easier to cut and sew. Color in the parts of the design with crayon. When pattern is finished cut pieces from cloth allowing one-fourth inch all the way around each piece. Sew up pieces to make block like pattern. One large block may be used or smaller blocks may be pieced to make the article. Laundry bags, rag bags and other articles may be made of pieced cloth. Suitable for middle and upper grades.

How to fold a square

How to fold a square of paper to make a patchwork design, two designs and a pieced pillow top. Two pictures made from scraps of cloth.

Cloth Pictures

Draw a simple picture on wrapping paper with white chalk. Choose scraps of cloth for the various parts. Cut out the parts by tracing the design to the cloth, or by pinning the paper to the cloth and cutting both pattern and cloth at one time. Paste cloth to heavy paper or cardboard from a suitbox. Press under a pile of books until thoroughly dry. These may be made from plain and printed materials. Animals, people and scenes of any kind may be used. Suitable for all grades.


Scraps of lawn, voile or other suitable material may be made into handkerchiefs by tie-dyeing as explained on page 54. These may also be decorated with crayon. Suitable for middle and upper grades.