Old material from pillow cases, sheets and garments is soft and easily handled, making excellent articles for the playhouse. Other useful things can be made from this old cloth.

Wall Hangings, Curtains, Maps, Mexican Serapes, Shawls And Other Costumes

With white chalk work out the design on wrapping paper. This should be copied or traced to the cloth and colored with crayon rubbed well into the material. If a colored background is required the piece may be dipped in warm dye of the desired color. When finished the piece should be pressed between two pieces of wrapping or other unprinted paper. Fringe made of string may be added if desired. Maps and wall hangings may also be made on pieces of old window shades. Suitable for middle and upper grades.


Cut a circle of cloth about eighteen inches in diameter. Cut a second piece just one half the circle.

A small crayon

A small crayon decorated wall hanging made on a piece of an old sheet.

A sun bonnet

A sun bonnet made from old sheeting and cardboard.A doll made of a wire frame padded and wound with strips of old sheeting.

Dye the circle one color and the half circle and two strips for strings, in a harmonizing color. When dry and pressed paste the half circle to a piece of light weight cardboard from a suit box and paste that in turn to half of the cloth circle. Press under books until dry. The half circle stiffened with cardboard forms the front part of the bonnet, the other half has a string run through the edge, pulled up and tied at center back. Sew the strings on at edge of cardboard. A border in crayon may be drawn around the edge. Suitable for lower grades.


Make a wire frame for the body as shown on page 28. Cover the head with cotton or rags and stretch a square of material over it making the face flat; paint face with water color and when dry, add features with crayon. Hair may be made of yarn raveled from an old sweater. Pad the whole body with rags or cotton and cover with strips of cloth wound around and sewed in place. Dress the doll in any costume made from scraps of material, old or new. Suitable for middle and upper grades.