This is Boxtown Zoo. Its cages are cut from shoe-boxes. Box rims are used to make enclosures for the animals.

Material Required to Make a Boxtown Zoo: some shoe-boxes, their covers, strips of cardboard or toothpicks to make bars for cages.

A zoo is really a splendid thing to make. You can cage all your wild animals - Noah's Ark animals, or whatever other ones you may happen to have. The cotton animals that are bought in Japanese stores, "three for five," are just right for zoo animals. You can buy chenille monkeys, one for a penny, at the toy shops.

When you start to build your zoo, the cages will be made from boxes. Cut out a large square from each side of the rim. Toothpicks make bars for cages. They will need to be pressed down through the top of the box over openings you cut in the box rims. If you have no toothpicks, you may make bars for the cages by pasting very narrow strips of paper or card-board inside the box cages over the openings in the

box rims. (For cutting a zoo cage, see Diagram Eight, page 182.)

Dens for animals are boxes that have their covers taken off. These boxes must be turned over to stand on their upper rims. Doors are cut in the edge of box rims, as you see them in the picture.

Rims cut from box covers make fences for enclosures.

Little box covers make feeding-troughs.

"Do not worry the animals!" This is the rule of all zoos.

I have a lion, and a bear,

I have a tiger, too! A monkey, and a "nelephant,"

And so I made a zoo!

I put a tiger in a cage,

An', if you're good to-day, I'll show you how I made it,

For it's lots of fun to play.