Boxtown's Hose House. It is made from a deep square box. The roof is the cover of another box.

Material Required for Making a Hose House: a box deep and square, about six or seven inches long, and the shallow square cover of some larger box.

If you own a toy fire-engine or a hook and ladder, there is every reason why it should have a home. The engine-house that you see in the picture is made from a deep, square box. It is quickly made by cutting a square doorway in one side of the box rim and by adding a flat roof.

Turn your box over so that it rests inverted upon its rims. Outline a three- or four-inch square on one end of your box. Its base must come at the edge of your cardboard box rim.

Draw a line down the center of this square, vertically. Cut with scissors up this line and across the top line. This gives two doors, that should be pressed outward against the sides of your box. (See Diagram Two, B, page 167, for making the double doorway.)

Place over the top of the box the cover of a larger box, and the hose house will be finished. Why, it took you no time at all to do that, did it? Let's see how the toy engine looks inside its new building!

I have a little engine,

And it clangs across the floor Right into Boxville Hose House,

Where they've opened wide its door.